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In this page the video projections for the "ISNT NITS NITE" concert as scenic background, featuring video compositions from Henk Hofstede's "Video Diaries" and "Vogelmannen", original videos from the Nits and our own. Back-projections 10m x 5.45m, Pfauen, Schauspielhaus Zurich, 03.05.2014

For best viewing experience we recommend to watch the videos in full-screen.

In "Soap Bubble Box" we used a video by Henk Hofstede, a
high-angle-shot of a street-view.  Applied to a round shape, it
formed an eye, the moon and bubbles. The video ends with a
reflection in the "eye" from Henk playing with a "balloon-bubble",
footage from the official "Soap Bubble Box" video by the Nits.

Video-projection for "Homeless Girl"
(Nits Cover, original title "Homeless Boy") by
Fatima Dunn (Vocals, Cello, Loopstation). For the
"city without hope" we used footage we shot at the
Akropolis Museum in Athens.
Fatima Dunn performing "Homeless Girl" live at the
Schauspielhaus Zürich, ISNT NITS NITE concert.
Video-projection for "Under a Canoe" (Nits Cover) by Sarah
Bowman (Cello, Vocals), Fatima Dunn (Cello, Vocals) and
ISNT band, with footage we shot on a beach in Holland.

"Boy In A Tree" (Nits Cover) by Gus Mac Gregor (Guitar,
Vocals), Jürg Schmidhauser (Doublebass).
A video-composition by Henk Hofstede with a window and
landscapes with trees was used here to build a two story
house where the boy's mother lives.
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For "Louder and Louder" we used another
composition by Henk Hofstede. Here the structure
turns to reveal the same empty space on the other
side where "no one can hear you". Covered by Shirley
Grimes (Vocals) and Oli Hartung (Guitar)

The title of the song by the Nits "Erom On" means "no more"
backwards. Here a "Vogelman" composition by Henk Hofstede,
looping back and forth, is repeated to form two cubes. When
the cubes are turning we get to see more rooms, corners,
doors and mirrors. The song in this video is covered by Mario
Batkovic. In the concert it was performed by the Nits together
with Mario (accordion).
To see the original "Vogelman" by Henk Hofstede:
For "Hawelka" we used a video we shot "making rain" for another production. Tinted in red the rain drops turn into blood and start as a thin line that stretches and becomes a road. In the end of the road there is death (black). Nits cover by Reza Dinally (Vocals, Guitar).
This is an instrumental cover of 26A (the Nits) by Mich
Gerber (Doublebass, Loopstation), Sarah Bowman (Cello),
Fatima Dunn (Cello), ISNT Band. For the video we used
footage from our flight to Amsterdam.
The video-projection for "Radio Shoes" is a tribute to Henk
Hofstede's "Vogelman". Several "Vogelmanen" repeated to
create a room, fade into each other and march to the
rhythm of the Top Secret's drums (Baslertrommel) in
Christoph Baumgartner 's cover version (Vocals, Guitar),
original song by the Nits.

Video-projection for "Ping Pong" by the Nits.
Video composition out of Henk Hofstede's video-diaries,
recomposed to create a 3d space.
The video-projection for "Da Da Da" by the Nits is another
tribute to Henk Hofstede's "Vogelman". This time the
"Vogelmannen" are overlaid and through
video-compositing they transport us in a dark yellow/red
room that displays memories. In the concert the song was
performed by the Nits, Shirley Grimes (Vocals), Sarah
Bowman (Vocals), Nadja Stoller (Vocals).
On our way to Amsterdam, back in 2010, we shot another
video, this time at the Zürich airport. We projected it
behind the Nits and Christian Brantschen performing
"Adieu Sweet Bahnfof" (the Nits) in the Schauspielhaus
Zürich. As the train is moving we saw the "train of (Henk's)
thoughts" reflected in the railway tunnel.
"Robinson" by the Nits is meant as a continuation of the
romance between Mrs Robinson and Benjamin from the
film the "Graduate". Here the connection to the aquarium
seems obvious as we just found out the Nits have used
the same theme as video projection when they played
"Robinson" in a live concert in France in 2007. (See
YouTube link:
Nits cover by Ray Wilko (Vocals, Guitar), ISNT Band. 
Here the video for Cars & Cars (Nits Cover) by Fritz
Hauser and Stephan Grieder. We didn't use it in the
concert as it was created for this version of the song.
Instead, as the song was performed by the Nits with Fritz
Hauser (Snaredrum), we projected the official Cars & Cars
video from the Nits in a layout of 3x.
The main video that is used to create a room full of
windows and mirrors, is a part of Henk Hofstede's
composition. In the very end of the song we get to see the
whole video from Henk just as we recognize the original
song by the whisper of the lyrics also towards the end.
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Die ISNT NITS NITE wurde präsentiert von:

Schauspielhaus Zürich
Migros Kulturprozent

Produziert von:
Beda Senn
Eric Facon
Oli Hartung
Patricia Umbricht

The Nits:
Henk Hofstede
Rob Kloet
Robert Jan Stips

The ISNT The Band:
Oli Hartung (Musikalische Leitung, Gitarren)
Christian Brantschen (Keyboards, Akkordeon, Vocals)
Jüre Schmidhauser (E-Bass & Stehbass)
Andi Hug (Drums & Perkussion)

Mario Batkovic
Big Zis
Sarah Bowman
Christian Brantschen
Fiona Daniel
Reza Dinally
Fatima Dunn
Hans Feigenwinter
Mich Gerber
Shirley Grimes
Fritz Hauser
Jurczok 1001
Vera Kappeler
Lena Kiepenheuer
Gus MacGregor
Nadja Stoller
Ray Wilko
Nadja Zela

Visuelles Design:
Evita Galanou & Thomas Wollenberger

Henk Hofstede
Evita Galanou
Thomas Wollenberger
The Nits

Darren Hayne
Paul Telman (The Nits)
Holger Wendt (Schauspielhaus Zürich)
Finé Renfer (Schauspielhaus Zürich)

Gerhard Patzelt (Schauspielhaus Zürich)

Ruth Stofer (Schauspielhaus Zürich)

Mike Durrer (Schauspielhaus Zürich)

Angelo Rosenfelder (Schauspielhaus Zürich)

Dominik Schluep (Schauspielhaus Zürich)

Katrin Siegel

Dimitri Aich
Nadine Lüchinger

Schauspielhaus Zürich:
Alexander Keil
Ralf Kranzmann
Rainer Küng
Bettina Meyer
Edi Schmid
Sebastian Steinle
Tom Till
Räthus Veraguth
Dirk Wauschkuhn
Jens Zimmer